Momawebmasters will guarantee any required updates will be completed within 48 business hours.

Low Maintenance PackageModerate Maintenance PackageHigh Maintenance PackageExtreme Maintenance Package
Monthly RateUp to 2 Updates - $30 Up to 4 Updates - $60 Up to 6 Updates - $90 Up to 8 Updates - $120
6 Month SpecialUp to 12 Updates - $162(Save $18) Up to 24 Updates - $278 (Save $82) Up to 36 Updates - $476 (Save $64) Up to 48 Updates - $546 (Save $174)
12 Month SpecialUp to 24 Updates - $288 (Save $72) Up to 48 Updates - $546 (Save $174) Up to 72 Updates - $846 (Save $234) Up to 96 Updates - $999 (Save $441)

What is considered an update?

An update is any change made to the website. Updates done at the same time (up to 3 items) will count as one update. For example: 1 picture change and 2 pages changes will count as one update. Page additions will count as one update per page.
A charge of $35.00 per update will be applied after allotted updates are used.


Moma Web Masters understands that some clients would prefer to maintain their own website. We will teach you how to update and maintain your website. No HTML or web design experience is necessary; however, it is definitely an asset. Because it is difficult to determine exactly how long it will take to teach you how to maintain your website, training will be billed on a per hour basis at $90/hour. The estimated time required varies depending on the complexity of your website, but the average time for training is usually 3-5 hours. Software necessary to update and/or maintain your website may be required. Acquiring this software would be the responsibility of the client.